WPTR's marketing team have a deep and diverse background covering over 40 years of experience. From large corporations to small businesses and non-profit groups, our team is focused on the right solutions to enhance your business.

Why Radio?

Radio is still the best 'return on investment' of mass media. Radio still offers the most reasonable prices of programming and production, and the ablity to reach different, but targeted audiences at different times. Recent studies show an average of $12 in return for every $1 spent on radio. (read: https://www.adweek.com/digital/study-shows-that-every-1-spent-on-radio-advertising-returns-12-in-purchase-activity/)

Now more than ever, 'cord cutter' culture means audiences are looking to free and non-subscription services for entertainment. Radio is always free and always available, and it reaches your potential customers at home and in their car, when they're most attentive and least distracted.

With the advent of DVR and 'adblockers', it's becoming easier and easier for audiences to ignore or skip advertisements. Radio is the one medium that still guarantees your audience hears YOUR message.


WPTR has a unique blend of music, targeted at audiences that live, work, play and shop in YOUR communities.


Analysis proves WPTR audiences don't just flip the dial, but come back to WPTR and leave it on all day long. WPTR's advertisement breaks are shorter (50% to 75% shorter) than our competitors, and our proven approach shows listeners are more inclined to stay listening longer, rather than 'button pushing' away from breaks that are often 5 minutes to 10 minutes long.

WPTR 1240am covers over 700,000 individuals and over 500,000 cars per day!


Even though WPTR's base format is 'classic rock', our DJs have more diverse playlists than other stations that frequently play the same stale songs, over and over. WPTR have LIVE DJs, with their own unique programs, features and dedicated followings. As a result, unique and targeted branding opportunities are available.

On weekends, WPTR opens up our format to include 'oldies' on Saturdays (including swing, big band, rhythm and blues) and local cultural programming on Sundays (Caribbean and East Indian programs, and TED Style talks). Our diverse but targeted offerings mean more potential demographics and groups to reach your ideal customer.


WPTR radio also streams in high definition stereo at wptrradio.com/streaming. Few independent radio stations stream online, and even 'the big guys' require large app downloads. WPTR's stream is free, requires no downloads and works on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

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